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star games

Lambda217Lambda217 Posts: 534Registered, Moderator
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star games

in tonight's episode, puff machine and a clown attempt to pilot their way off spawn, and brandon is stabbed to death with heroin needles by enraged cadets
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"I want you to show this world what it means to fear the sky."


  • KanzukeKanzuke Posts: 181Registered, Moderator

    we need this movie on the playx and an E2 to setView every connected player for the whole 90 minutes so they can't look away

    Lambda217: oh oh i am kanzuke and i love my little pony and now i'll make all the brandonphysics myself cause i know fuckin everything because now i'll make a big pony fighter drone squad and a big fuckin portal ship and i am a fuckin idiot

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