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Buggy bugs

ErrErr Posts: 11Registered
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ITT: I will moan for certain bugs to be fixed

First bug: core armor doesnt take damage, only the moment shields go down.
Second: homing missile lauchers make a ton of entity lag when moved. Only occurs when linked to a core.
Third: Sc2 weapon creator doesnt want to turn props into guns and spawn the default gun instead.
Fourth: ranking system is ded.

I will be grateful for the time any developer puts into fixing this, especially the first bug. Im getting really salty for explosions.
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  • LtBrandonLtBrandon Posts: 506Registered, Administrator
    I already know about all of these. And the third one isn't a bug, that was a change I made after being asked to change how the tool worked.

    Edit: all of these have already been fixed actually, but they're just not on the server. Exception being your thing with missile launchers, I have never been able to reproduce that and you're the only one who has ever reported it. The only thing that a missile launcher could even possibly be doing to cause entity stuff to happen outside of not being parented is constantly updating its target, but then all the details about what you say happens would be invalid because it would happen even if it wasn't linked or moving in any way.
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  • ErrErr Posts: 11Registered
    Got a new issue. This time it is adv dupe 1 that fails to load a ship that recently have been fitted weapons and/or mods. Not even adv2 wants to open it. This began to happen after the recent bugfix.

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