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Source Exploit

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Apparently someone has discovered an exploit in the source engine which makes it possible to send files with any extension to the client or server, including .dll's. It looks like nothing malicious has been done, just crap like this:

But it can also be used to get rcon passwords if they were stored in cfg/server.cfg and has been sending messages over steam and apparently Skype.

It has been patched, but there are still other fixes to just delete the files or change the server settings to stop further propagation. The Gmod update released should make that last one unnecessary, but it does prevent other exploits. I don't know if the update will clear out any downloaded files like the batch file in the first link, but my guess is if you were playing on mainstream servers in the last ~8 hours you might have downloaded something

This is a source exploit, so while Gmod has been patched, it may take Valve a while to fix their other source games, so I guess be wary of TF2 and CS severs as well.

The Facepunch threads have more information from people who know more about this than me if you want the full story.
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