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Screen freezes permanently when firing weapon

octopodesrexoctopodesrex Posts: 3Registered
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Been playing on server #2 a bit and haven't introduced myself properly, but seems I'm getting a bit of a bug with the Space Combat 2 mod.

It seems to affect me only when I decide to fire a weapon. I can reload my weapon once, but then attempting to fire causes my screen to freeze and nothing else to show up. My arrangement is this:

Saucer + Gyropod + pod controller + beam cannon + fighter core + battery + oxygen and hydrogen

I have wired the fire to the pod alt key. I am going to attempt it when not seated in the ship to see if that's related.

Spacebuild and SBEP are SVNs, downloaded all the Diaspora content packs. I uninstalled all, recreated the SVNs, deleted and reinstalled Garry's Mod as well just to check. Going to try it on Server #1 as well and with cannon to see if it does the same thing.

Any known bugs or issues I may be missing?
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