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[IMPORTANT] Connection/Crashing Issues

LtBrandonLtBrandon Posts: 506Registered, Administrator
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Since we moved to the workshop addons instead of FastDL it has come to our attention that using certain sounds can and will crash everyone on the server and prevent anyone from joining until the server is restarted. When the crash happens and you are on the server, your game will freeze up and after a while everyone will lose connection to the server. If the crash has already happened, your game will lock up while trying to connect. If you are experiencing this issue, please post and if possible include what time the crash occured in -8 GMT so we can make sure people can join.

I'm currently investigating the issue and trying to fix it ASAP. If I can't get it fixed within the next few days I will remove the sounds until I have time to recreate them.

If you know a sound, entity, or weapon that causes this crash please include it in your post.

Known Causes:
Weapon: Fighter Pulse Laser
Sound: lasers/small/laser.wav
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