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Change Log for March 16th - March 22nd

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  • [FEATURE] - Implemented the Ring feature type for the asteroid spawner. Also added this feature to several maps (Gooniverse and Spacewar, to name a couple) so as to get the feature running.
  • [FIX] - Fixed a sound crash that was occurring after we moved to Workshop for downloads. For some reason, having a different character case between the server and client causes an infinite loop on the client.
  • [FEATURE] - Added several Core System reading functions (Core functions only work on core entities for the time being; will fix later. Until then, use E:getCoreEnt() or just target find):
    • N = E:getSigRad() - Gets the SigRad of a target core.
    • N = E:getShipMass() - Gets the total mass of a ship.
    • T = E:getHoldContents() - Scans a core for the materials it has in it's cargo hold (Note: Might remove this and the other Hold functions for balance reasons and replace with a scanner device).
    • N = E:getHoldMax() - Gets the total storage capacity of a core.
    • N = E:getHoldUsed() - Gets the amount of used storage on a ship.
    • N = E:getHoldPercent() - Same as the above, but percent.
    • S = E:getCoreClass() - Returns the class size of a target ship (i.e. Drone, Frigate, Titan, etc).
    • R = E:getCoreWeapons() - Returns an array containing all weapon entities on the target.
    • T = E:getLinkedEntities() - Same as the above, but returns all linked entities.
    • T = E:getTurretWeapons() - Same as the above, but only returns turreted weapons.
    • S = E:getWeaponName() - Gets the name of a target weapon.
    • S = E:getWeaponClass() - Gets the fitting class of a weapon (i.e. Fighter, Frigate, Battleship, etc).
    • N = E:getShotsRemaining() - Gets the amount remaining in a weapon's "Clip" (Note: Might be limited to owner-only, depending on use).
    • N = E:getIsReloading() - Returns whether or not a weapon is reloading, -1 if not a weapon (See above note).
    • N = E:getIsFiring() - Same as the above, but whether or not the weapon is firing.
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  • LtBrandonLtBrandon Posts: 506Registered, Administrator
    [TWEAK] - Moved all FastDL content into workshop addons.
    [FIX][FEATURE] - Fixed player models not showing in the menu.
    [FIX] - PN Reactors now work again, they were using an old version of the resource table.
    [FIX] - Enforced asteroid limits in some places they weren't being enforced in.
    [TWEAK] - Made some garbage collector related stuff shared, hopefully this will help with some memory issues I've been seeing lately.
    [BALANCE] - Small PN Reactors now produce 5,000 capacitor per second.
    [BALANCE] - Large PN Reactors now produce 15,000 capacitor per second.
    [BALANCE] - Fusion generators now produce up to 3,000 capacitor per second.
    [TWEAK][FEATURE] - Added capacitor usage output to PN Reactors.
    [FIX] - You can now update core mods with any of the tools instead of only the med slot one.
    [BALANCE] - The LS Refinery now produces water and hydrogen alongside oxygen.
    [BALANCE][FIX] - The LS Refinery now uses the correct resources to function: Capacitor, Polonium Nitrate(PN), and Ice.
    [BALANCE] - Frigate, cruiser, and capital missiles have had their turn rates increased.
    [FEATURE] - Added planetary rings.
    [FIX] - Fixed asteroids not generating.
    [FIX][TWEAK] - Weapons now spawn frozen.

    More coming later, wonder if I'll remember to update the changelog :V
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