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Change Log for March 2nd - March 8th

SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
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It's been a bit, and LtBrandon has changed a lot more than I have currently, so I'll log what I've done and let him fill in his changes below.
  • [FIX] - NPCs and breakable props should now react properly to taking damage.
  • [FIX][FEATURE] - Rewrote the entire LS Expression2 library. The one we had only functioned through pure chance, it seems, and now we have a much better system. Of note: sbPlanets() and sbStars() no longer return a vector array, but rather an entity array. Also, LS functions can all be ran on the actual atmosphere entity, rather than requiring the programmer to PropSpawn stuff in each atmosphere in order to track it.
  • [FEATURE] - Added sbClimates(), an array of all the artificial environments (climate regulators) on the map.
  • [FIX][TWEAK] - Maximum sounds per E2 chip increased from 8 to 32. You should now be able to control an entire ship's worth of sound effects from a single chip.
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  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    • [FIX] - Did some patching to the above LS Function additions. Now works properly.
    • [FIX] - Spacebuild's Planets array (and therefore everything that uses it) now no longer has two entries for every planet. This includes the sbPlanets() E2 function.
    • [FIX] - Getting melted by a star or hot planet will no longer set the player's model to an error.
    • [FEATURE] - Added the following E2 functions:
      • E:lsGetEnvironment() - Gets the environment that the target entity is being managed by.
      • sbEnvironments() - Like sbPlanets() and sbStars(), this one returns ALL the environment entities on the map.
  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    • [FIX] - Ass_Firework now explodes the target properly again. LtBrandon broke it by fixing a nearly 4-year-old typo. :V
    • [FIX][FEATURE] - Ply:setPosition(V) now works as originally intended. Players can move only themselves and anyone on their Prop Protect friends list. Respected+ can move still move anyone.
  • LtBrandonLtBrandon Posts: 506Registered, Administrator
    OH MAH GAWD! I made a changelog(and a spreadsheet)!

    Balance Hammer: Extreme Edition
    • [FEATURE] - Core Modules have been added.
    • [BALANCE] - Increased CPU on low/mid range ships.
    • [BALANCE] - Increased PG on low/mid range ships.
    • [BALANCE] - Decreased CPU on high end ships.
    • [BALANCE] - Decreased PG on high end ships.
    • [BALANCE] - Decreased the amount slots of on all ships.
    • [BALANCE] - Increased shield recharge rate.
    • [BALANCE] - Increased capacitor recharge rate.
    • [BALANCE] - Limited recharge rates to a minimum of 5 seconds.
    • [BALANCE] - Increased capacitor usage on all weapons by ~4 times.
    • [BALANCE] - Rebalanced all weapons, so fighter weapons are not more powerful than capital weapons anymore.
    • [BALANCE] - Increased capacitor amount on all ships.
    • [BALANCE] - Turrets now turn at half their original speeds to stop cruisers wtfpwning fighters.
    • [BALANCE] - Pulse lasers are no longer hitscan, they're actually a very fast moving projectile.
    • [BALANCE] - Beam lasers were nerfed in various ways, including that they will no longer be hitscan on the server in the next update.
    • [BALANCE] - You can now get negative resistances when using core modules!
    • [BALANCE][FEATURE] - Added Battleship class weapons to lessen the massive gap between capital and cruiser weaponry.
    • [BALANCE] - Battleships can no longer use cruiser weapons.
    • [FEATURE] - Added Battleship class turrets.
    • [BALANCE][FEATURE] - Added station cores, they multiply your stats by 10 in exchange for a 5 minute cooldown to update them or move them!
    • [BALANCE] - Massively buffed up all core HP levels to stop instapoping.
    • [TWEAK] - Ship cores now list their peak recharge rates instead of a time.
    • [TWEAK] - Rewrote core recharge calculations, this should have little effect on gameplay.
    • [TWEAK] - Improved the performance of various core calculations.

    More coming soon, my hands don't want to type any more.
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