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First Suggestions

agentmassagentmass Posts: 14Registered
edited February 2011 in Suggestions #1
So seeing that this section of the forums are empty I have two suggestions to make.

1. Removing gm_galactic_rc1. No one really likes this map most people leave when it switches to this map and is extremely laggy for everyone.

2. This request I actually want most of all. Re-enabling the Stargates for Colonels and up. I see why it is disabled because of abuse, however if you guys do you same thing you did with the asgard teleporter, I think there should be no problem. Also if stargates get enabled it will add more content to the server and we, the community, will be able to accomplish bigger and better things.

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  • the forcethe force Posts: 36Registered
    i argee with agentmass the stargates can be abused but people who have like 250hrs+ or what ever it is, i really dont think there going to abuse them and if they do just ban them.......

    also i dont like that map too
  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    Stargates were disabled not because of abuse, but because of instability. When they were active, the server would lock down, not allowing new joiners (though I believe this problem has ceased), and people would randomly crash with about a 1/20 chance with an Access Violation upon hearing a gate open/close.

    As for Galactic, some people actually do like that map. I will look into this lag issue later, but I am guessing that people were trying to spawn huge ships on a small map, leading to that sort of issue.
  • agentmassagentmass Posts: 14Registered
    I don't think anyone does like the map the server went from seven people to three people and those three people that were still on the server wanted the map changed. We actually had to have fur change the map because no one likes it. As for stargates maybe the problem has been resolved with the newest updates? Would it not be a good idea to try them out and see if they cause any issues? Also not allowing EVERYONE to use them is also a good idea like I said.
  • Paper ClipPaper Clip Posts: 87Registered, Moderator, Administrator
    I would suggest a 100 hour limit for the stargate. I think 250 hours is a bit too much :( It takes most people a very long time to reach those kinds of hours.
  • agentmassagentmass Posts: 14Registered
    No I do not think 100 hours is a good limit. I think stargates should be a reward for being on the server A LOT so I think 200 or maybe even 300 hours are good.
  • Nielk1Nielk1 Posts: 252Registered, Administrator
    I am in favor of finding some method of create groups of permissions not directly linked to ranks. Then players could be put into these groups by different measures, such as hours, recommendations, admin action, active time without a ban on record, etc.

    Ranks are based on teams. I am proposing a system of groups that work separately. Another way to look at it would be to see them as skill levels only instead of experience something else gives you the levels.
  • macdaddymacdaddy Posts: 5Registered
    I stand by Steeveeo in not wanting Stargates. There is already a teleporter chamber thingo and I've never seen a Stargate cause a small problem, always large ones.

    That and it makes things too easy. The way I like to see it is if you want to get from here to there, you have to earn it, not rely on a magical object of instant results.
  • Thel1stlSnowGuyThel1stlSnowGuy Posts: 13Registered
    There since has been an update or two with the Stargates, which supposedly made it more stable, as well as added some new features to it like needed energy if RD3 and LS3 are active. But in all honesty, and this from a big time SG fan, Stargates are just rendered useless with all of the custom E2 function that have been added to the server, not to mentioned that they are much faster than SGs themselves when your talking about the overall use of the two.

    Anyways, the map I believe I agree, I've been on that map a couple times myself and with no one around I get no more than 8 - 9 FPS as oppose to the standard 20 FPS I would get.

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