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A non-generic space station

woothiewoothie Posts: 44Registered
edited February 2014 in Showcase #1
Me and kanzuke are making a station.
It's gonna be pretty cool.
We'll have things on it.


More information as I finish it, and as I get home from schoolin'.
And if Kanzuke doesn't mind.
There will be pictures.
Post came a bit late, so yeh.

[19/02/14] Update: Previously confidential information avalible!
I've tested the prop_physics and detail_prop limits, 300 and 500 respectivly. I think I'm going to hit at least one of them, if not both.
Delicious small prop details for realism.

[21/02/14] Update: Previously confidential information avalible!
I'll have the interior as modbridge, while I would like to have the Spartan material on all modbridge props. I'm planning on learning modelling just to remodel all modbridge props with the spartan design.
Whenever Brandon would install this or not on the server is unknown.

[23/02/14] Update: Somewhat confidential information avalible!
As some of you may have noticed, I've finished the core animation, or at least largly finished it. While I am planning on having more functions to the core, this is what it'll be for now. Pictures comming soon™.

[25/02/14] Update: Structure
I've finally finished one of the sections of the station! Woo!
Pictures comming soon™

Yes, I added all these updates in one run the 27th of February.

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