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[TUTORIAL] E2 thirdperson

SweetOneSweetOne Posts: 39Registered
edited January 2014 in Help and Tutorials #1
Hi people. I bring you Expression2 thirdperson tutorial

1. Make a pod controller and link it to a chair.
2. Make a camera controller and link it to pod controller
3, Spawn the E2 and wire its input Active to camera controller's On output.
4. Wire camera controller's Activated input to pod controller's Active output.
5. Wire camera controller's Position to E2s P:vector and then wire E2s Direction to E2s OE:vector.
6. Wire POD[Entity] from E2 to podcontroller.
7. Sit into your chair and enjoy.

NOTE: if you want to zoom the view then just multiply Zoom value.
NOTE: 3000 value is a really far view, if you want a closer view lower that value.

@name Sweetones_Thirdperson
inputs Active Pod:entity 
@outputs OE:vector P:vector 
@persist Zoom Active 

OE = Pod:driver():eye()
P = Pod:pos() - 3000*OE*Zoom/OE:length()}



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