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Change log for December 15th - December 21st

LtBrandonLtBrandon Posts: 506Registered, Administrator
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Holy crap, a lot of stuff happened over the last few days, where do I even begin..

Its worth noting that I'm going to only give a summary of what happened and that I'm actually going to skip a lot of fixes of fixes of fixes that fixed fixes for other fixes.

[FIX] - Drill rigs were outputting an old data format, preventing you from using them, this is now fixed.
[FIX] - Cores were not updating their modules properly, leading to CPU/PG/Slots not being taken away, being taken from the wrong variable, or going backwards, this is also fixed.
[FIX] - Mudkips had raided the core holds, causing mining devices to have their outputs inverted through the shear madness this caused, they have since been driven off.
[FIX] - Cores weren't loading their duplicated data because CAF and Wiremod were trying to kill each other, I have separated them and cores now duplicate properly.
[FIX] - There were some errors that spontaneously happened when your global storage was being saved, this should hopefully be fixed.
[FIX] - Non-existent resources are now properly non-existent after being fed into an anubium generator core.
[FIX] - Quantum generators can now be turned on with the use key, some evil gremlin stole the use code.
[BALANCE] - You can no longer generate infinite resources through the use of the taco loop(I like this more than steam loop).
[BALANCE] - Fusions have had their outputs multiplied by 4.
[BALANCE] - Fusions now require CPU, PG, and a single low slot on your ship core.
[BALANCE] - Ship cores will now stop regenerating for 5 seconds after their shields have dropped.
[BALANCE] - Fusions generate capacitor at a rate between 10GJ/s(smallest) and 300GJ/s(largest)
[BALANCE] - PN Reactors now generate capacitor at a rate of 50GJ/s(small) and 600GJ/s(large)
[BALANCE] - PN Reactors now take CPU, PG, and a single medium power slot on your ship core.
[BALANCE] - All LS3 multipliers are clamped between 1 and 20, previously this was unlimited.
[BALANCE] - Most LS3 generators have had their output multiplied by a random value, it will be within 5% of the original value so they are not static anymore.
[BALANCE] - All storage caches have had their values tweaked slightly.
[BALANCE][FEATURE] - All gas compressors have been removed, please revert to your default behavior of using water splitters.
[BALANCE][FEATURE] - Several resources have been removed, including Nitrogen which wasn't used by anything.
[BALANCE][FEATURE][PLAN] - I intend to create a new terraforming system to replace the broken one we had before with compressors.

I think that should be most of the major stuff.. I'm sure I forgot a lot of stuff though... :?
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