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Bug Reports

KanzukeKanzuke Posts: 181Registered, Moderator
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Since Space Combat 2 has been released and is in Beta, I figured we might need a thread just to dump Bugs with the new content into.

And to start it off, we still have some problems with Cores and Mining:
  • Capacitor Calculations are now working fine on a base level, but although the Capacitor recharge point distribution is actually affecting the recharge on your core, the points put into Capacitor itself do not currently change the Capacitor value
  • The Device linker is working to link one device, but a maximum of one Mining laser can be linked at the moment, and since mining is going to become pretty damn important once it's uses are implemented, and since we can stash them between sessions until these features are implemented, being able to mine properly would help.
  • Resources in the hold do... odd things. To start with, mining an asteroid, or rather pointing a laser at one for five minutes as I'm not sure it's even possible to break them down anymore, will net you about -1 billion Iron, and several other very large negative numbers of other resources. Trying to move any of these resources to global storage results in nothing more than them becoming more negative. I know this is a recent bug, as it was working before
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  • LtBrandonLtBrandon Posts: 506Registered, Administrator
    I'll look into the capacitor issue(I thought I fixed that already), and the rest were already on my fix list. The mining issues are related to some massive changes I implemented to the resourcing system a few days ago.

    Just to point out what I mentioned to some others on the server last night: "Lt.Brandon: Technically SC2 has been in beta for the better part of a year, I'm just finally merging in the biggest part, the people constantly ask me about, which happens to be the space combat part of it."
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