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Change Log for November 10th - November 16th

SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
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Whoa, hey! It's almost been an entire YEAR since someone's posted a changelog! Let's fix that! I'll try to note down what I remember was done in the last year, but it's been a TON, so I'll limit it to the past couple of months. If I remember more, I'll post it below (so don't expect 100% chronological order here).
  • [FIX] - Rewrote the ENTIRE Spacebuild3 environment check code. It was MASSIVELY slow as it checked every entity against every atmosphere once every second, regardless of actual atmosphere containment. Now, the code starts with the "smallest" environments (regulated climates), and moves on to planets and then stars, stopping when the entity is found to be inside something.
  • [FIX][FEATURE] - Tied the above fix into the Core System. Cored entities will now be ignored by the environment checks, and cores will apply their environment to the entire ship at once. Spawning 3 Persephones (a total of 1800 entities) didn't even make the server blink, whereas on the old system you'd have stutters for about 0.5 seconds every second.
  • [FEATURE] - Added the E2 function E:vehicleSetExitPoint(V). Works like the Exit Point Controller, but only takes relative vectors and does not get reset when the chip is removed.
  • FEATURE - Added the runOnRDTick() E2 hook. Now you can run your chips at the exact same time as all your generators. Useful for resource management and display.
  • [FIX] - Fixed Personnel Teleporters. No idea when or how these broke, but they're back to working once again.
  • [FEATURE] - Added the Detail Prop tool. Left-clicking on a prop will turn it into a Detail Prop entity and Right-clicking will revert a Detail Prop into a normal prop. A Detail Prop does not render after a configurable distance, has simplified physics, hitbox, and is ignored by Spacebuild's environment check and Space Combat's damage/core calculations. Basically an ultra-lightweight prop that has no bearing on gameplay other than visual details. Because of this, you can have a maximum of 500 of these, go nuts.
  • [FORUM] - Updated the MOTD to be more recent, streamlined, and overall easier to read. NOBODY SHOULD COMPLAIN ABOUT NOT KNOWING WHERE TO GET THE MODELS ANYMORE. The giant arrow and moving the one-sentence link to its own section near the top should see to that.
  • [UPDATE][FIX][BALANCE][FEATURE][FREAKING EVERYTHING] - Space Combat 2.0 Beta has finally made its way onto Server #1. If all goes well, the quality of life on the server, especially for those who like to pew pew, should be DRASTICALLY improved. Read more here.
  • [PLAN][FEATURE] - Space Combat 2.0 is not yet finished, we plan to add the Weapon Designer tool to the server when it's good and ready.
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  • KanzukeKanzuke Posts: 181Registered, Moderator
    Might as well start adding things, I probably have also forgotten a lot though:
    • [FEATURE] - Mining 2.0 added, which includes:
      • Mining Lasers are now tied to cores, and use Capacitor to run
      • Plenty more resource types, which are now all stored in the Hold Tab on the Core's options window
      • A new, smaller, crystal covered asteroid replaces PN crystals that used to appear on planets
      • The Core has access to a global resource market, which allows you to store collected ores across sessions and ships, and may allow trading (not 100% sure this works yet)
      • A Core Device linker tool under Space Combat replaces the Resource Distribution method of linking Mining Lasers, and is used to link them as well as (I imagine) the new weapons to the core
    [*][FEATURE] - Cores now act as resource node, and their node size will scale with the size of the ship, usually such that the entire ship will be contained within it's range. The have all the functionality of a resource node, besides displaying the information on them, and so respond to all rd E2 commands.[/*]

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  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    • [FIX] - Readded core explosions. Someone forgot to copy over the util.Effect line for the actual boom.
    • [FIX] - Made SC2 Beam weapons draw their effects at the proper length. Effectdata:SetRadius(N) is a stupid command and doesn't work.
    • [FIX][FEATURE] - Modified Space Combat code to do damage to players.

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