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Hello and greetings to all our Spacebuilders!

I know it's been quite awhile since anything was posted in the Announcements. Rather, it's been pretty much a year and a half! So now, after poking LtBrandon enough to finally upload the stuff, Server #1 will now be hosting the new Space Combat 2.0 system!

So what does this mean for you? Well, for one, Hopefully Working Combat™! Our current Space Combat code is a frightening mess of a pile of Lua, derived from WAY too many different sources. Now, we are implementing a whole NEW system from scratch, that doesn't have any dependencies on old and shoddy code; now we have NEW and shoddy code, all in one package! HUZZAH!

Unfortunately, this means that Server #1 will be a touch unstable in the Space Combat department until we sort out any and all issues that may (will) arise from implementing the new system on a production server. However, once all the teething problems are gnawed out, and whatever other metaphors for slow and painful introduction are out of the way, titan fights should no longer bring the server to its figurative knees!

What else does this mean? Well, lack of lag is cool and all, but we're one step away from implementing the ultimate in Space Combat technology: A TOOL! THAT MAKES WEAPONS! Wait, what do you mean that sounds like what we have now? No, I mean it MAKES WEAPONS, WHEN AND HOW YOU TELL IT TO.

...Think about it for a sec...
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