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  • LtBrandon wrote: One of these servers is the development server, which is why it isn't synced. There are regularly things that can break the database on server 2(beta/development). ah, I better get back to farming recorces then.
  • i just saw this thread and have been looking for a corp a while now, i might buy some plex and join in, is the corp still going?
    in EvE Online Comment by ertex March 2014
  • All my folders have a info.txt execpt my stargate. atleast what i can find. i only have like 20 other txt files. oh btw my core upgrades is errors to. and i reinstalled my addons again. my freind that join can see evrything but i cant. //ert…
    in Wierd Errors Comment by ertex May 2012
  • I Deleted my whole addons folder and downloaded evry thing again (evry thing on
    in Wierd Errors Comment by ertex March 2012
  • Capital beam cannon Vawe cannon (also spam lua errors) figter beam cannon light missiles lazor blaster (spam LUA errors) rapid fire arty hope you can help me
    in Wierd Errors Comment by ertex March 2012
  • I have tryed updating ALL my SVNs and such and reinstalled my CAP files.
    in Wierd Errors Comment by ertex March 2012