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  • A few thoughts: [*] Why's it called an automated drone when it.... isn't? [*] Why do you have a think hook running the isOperator command? I feel like that will achieve nothing more than pointless calculations on tick. [*] I feel like having one…
  • Huh, I'd heard that it was impossible because of Garry. Nice! Lambda217 wrote: please ignore the giant descending spike plate ceiling and the shriek harvester units Totally not surprised
  • Updated ThaumcraftEnergistics. Extras zip moved to ninjrkillr.net for added winning.
  • Server updated. IC2 is added. ProjectE and Torcherino are removed. Morph and Portal appear to have made their way in..
  • They're a lot harder to get, too. You require an item from Ars Magicka (relatively easy), and a few things from ProjectE. Since to get into ProjectE, you have to get to the end of Magical Crops... they're a lategame item.
  • wtf man. whatever you're on, remind me never to take it.
  • trapo78 wrote: How long do you think it'll be until people can download this mod for offline I estimate ∞ seconds.
  • w... t..... fffffffffff............................. did i just watch?
  • Thread now actually locked. Silly Branderp
  • Lambda217 wrote: just sayin' it'd be way more hype if we could just pick our own laser colors Yeah but knowin' what bitches be firin' at us is way more useful!
  • Edited your post to add [ code ] tags. Don't think I have GMod installed atm, so I can't test sorry.
  • Lambda217 wrote: we're not doing this AI/VI thing again are we It needs to be said. Often, it seems. . Starkkz wrote: Actually I made an AI base E2 from which I make all my different kind of "AI helpers" for my ships. That's why the "AI" as a …
  • Code not nearly long enough. I contest the 'AI' label in your comments.
  • GibberishName wrote: Hey there, asking if the weapon models/and or/sound links could be put up? me and a few others cant get past them without waiting for a long time.
  • woothie wrote: If I knew how to use images and gifs on this forum(tm) Doesn't help that you're using dropbox to serve them. There's no way, afaik™, to link images on dropbox and get the image served. By itself. Without their bullshit around it.…
  • woothie wrote: *nervous laughter* Heheheh, yeah. *glares at porn folder* *opens porn folder* -img- it will be our secret Why's it in your dropbox, 'tho? And the PUBLIC folder in your dropbox, at that. Wow.
  • Steeveeo wrote: 4:41 PM - Divran: thing is 4:41 PM - Divran: von uses no unprintable characters 4:41 PM - Divran: so steam should get an award 4:41 PM - Divran: for fucking up something made to be unfuckupable 4:41 PM - Steeveeo: steam removes ta…
  • plz just get a domain entry, such many ip change :P
  • Do enough testing and you can probably figure something out. Also: Lambda217 wrote: which is just how generators work in the real life, they put out whatever the fuck they want "our town's new nuclear powerplant will output enough electricit…
  • SweetOne wrote: Feel free to post your modified version of this. Lol. That ain't how feedback works, my friend.
  • A note about using EGP: Try to make sure you only ever update things when it's actually changed, as well as endeavouring to only ever use object creation functions (such as EGP:egpCircle()) once, then using the updating functions to change stuff whe…
  • Eyjafjallajökull wrote: ohh of course, i totally forgot that. well fixed that anyway and thank you for letting me know. No problem. I might recommend putting that link on both videos, :P. If you type 'stopsound' (no quotes) into your console…
  • radar showing distances to other players and other thingies that are important when making a radar A nice unspecific brief being provided for any potential E2ers, :P. Come up with a more precise list of what you want it to do, and how you want…
  • You should probably put in the description of your videos that you're playing on Diaspora and link to the forums or something. The weapons you've used are only available on Diaspora.
  • I don't even remember where I hosted that bot anymore. Whoops.
  • LtBrandon wrote: Why are we necroing this poor thread? It was resting in pieces until a bit ago D; Because he came back and saw responses? I'unno. Didn't realise it was a necro, I only responded because it had new posts.
  • ludsoe wrote: Well after thinking, and running my own server with environments installed. (Not having problems with it at all) I think the problems were on your side. Not to mention that the client side huds, are interchangeable. Well, yeah. Br…
  • I know Data implemented a method to get most of the content downloaded via private workshop listings, so that could possibly be the problem - but I don't know enough about that'un to say for sure.