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  • I found this little comment chain in the Starfall lifesupport.lua file that I'd forgotten entirely about. I'm the one who handled that shit for the whiners.
  • OKAY, SO! After nearly three years of dicking around, I finally got back into map-making, or editing or whatever. Point is, I made a few long-asked-for changes, that being to re-prettify the water, put back in the ugly, nonsensical valley on the …
  • NinjrKillr wrote: Huh, I'd heard that it was impossible because of Garry. Nice! It's actually really cleverly done, and had only a few weird things wrong with it. The addon essentially just does a trace based on the direction you're moving ever…
    in Uclip! Comment by Amaroq January 2016
  • Overloaderdave wrote: there is a max, but its still ridiculously large... I mean, what ship needs to use 100K oxygen per second to regulate half the map? its more efficient to use air exchangers or multiple... you would probably regulate your en…
  • LtBrandon wrote: Lambda217 wrote: yo, let's recode the E2 autoparenter into lua it would be super efficient and fix The autodownloader refused to give them text files, so thats a no go. Fuhrball tried and did a bad job at it, every tim…
  • Lambda217 wrote: NC all day erry day But they're so boring. Also, they have inferior weapons and only tend to succeed when they can zerg hard enough to fill the air with bullets.
  • I'm sorry, but if you're not Vanu, you're probably some whiny anarchist or Hitler. Also, our guns are ridiculously accurate and have zero bullet-drop. NC weapons are kind of terrible and ineffective unless you're just spamming as many bullets as …
  • Curious, but why did you assume we had Pew Pew?
  • xX Lord Anubis Xx wrote: Just wanted to point out, getting fuel for the gyro is so damn easy it's trivial. Might as well not have it there in the first place. It's only easy if you're boring about it. AKA, drones and teleporting gatherers.
  • It's been stated multiple times that no, we don't give out our code, ever. Please try reading topics the forum next time, or use the search function. Thread locked.
  • That HUD is fucking stupid. Nothing that amazing should exist in the form of E2, it's a blasphemy against Garry himself.
  • Planets deleting themselves? My only guess towards that is maybe the entity manager built into space combat... The planet entities didn't change names, did they?
  • I've been really distracted with college courses and some other personal stuff, so I'm sorry I haven't been around much. Since we're approaching the GM13 update, I'll probably start helping to fix as much as I can soon.
  • shadowdemon wrote: You realize you can't actually affect anyone with yourself right? :P You can affect things with your teams, actually.
  • You guys realize that you can't actually affect the players that way with those things, right?
  • Lambda217 wrote: When faction warfare returns, the "Agreed fights" rule should probably be removed. It'd be a bit weird to see something like the B.A utterly paralysed because their targets don't feel like getting shot at. I fully disagree. We …
  • Mouldy_Taco wrote: I'm against allowing phasing for any reason. If you need to go AFK, you can park your ship on the spawn planet, or just remove it, or you could just take the chance that you might get blown up. That's how it's going to be when…
  • NinjrKillr wrote: Must I reiterate the difficulties in limiting full-ship phasing whilst allowing parts (such as doors) to still be phased? Phasing is allowed, Noobis. It's just a dick move to do in a fight. Could have a rule about it. I had…
  • Steeveeo wrote: Many of the unspoken rules fall under "Don't Be a Dick." Actually, that's not unspoken at all. It's right there, written down in the MotD. Making your ship fully phased in an agreed fight is a pretty damn dickish thing to do.
  • xX Lord Anubis Xx wrote: Amaroq wrote: xX Lord Anubis Xx wrote: so are any of you gonna uh take this seriously? Anubis, what's the solution to 5 - 5? I believe the solution is 0. Unless I'm missing something. Correct! Think about that f…
    in Ranks Comment by Amaroq August 2012
  • xX Lord Anubis Xx wrote: so are any of you gonna uh take this seriously? Anubis, what's the solution to 5 - 5?
    in Ranks Comment by Amaroq August 2012
  • They're called CoD ranks. Haven't you ever played those games? Jeeze.
    in Ranks Comment by Amaroq August 2012
  • Lambda217 wrote: "The song is characterized by its strongly addictive beats and lyrics, and is thus certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy." I love you, so much Lambda.
  • You people seem to be forgetting the greatest style of all.. OPAN GANGNAM STYLE
  • woothie wrote: Am I the only one that has seem to notice we have two unused resources from the mining addon; Ice and Rubble? I'm not sure if rubble is aquirable, but I know ice is. Any thoughts on this, devs? Posting this here because adding this…
  • I was tempted to really start making the Career base code for Gmod 13, since it's basically ready to start. After that, we just gotta implement stuff in the cores, as well as add the extra features that'll affect Mining and Gyros.
  • That might just be it, actually. I don't remember how often we use GetAngles, but it'd make the most sense that this is what caused the broken-ness.
  • Unfortunately I can't do much about this myself, though I will certainly take a look in Gmod 13. Though it seems to work there just fine.. Some update to the game must've messed up the aim-look system it uses.
  • I believe the agreement is that if you leave, you must suck off one of the community founders (me, in this case.) The fine print clearly states that you must keep going until I finish, or a total of 15 minutes have passed, whichever comes first.
    in Portal + EP1 Comment by Amaroq July 2012
  • Lambda217 wrote: 13 can also mount Portal 2 content! But sadly it doesn't seem to like the 32-bit voice sound files, so no Wheatley A.I for me. 2009 Source doesn't work well with the newer versions, unfortunately. I'm actually not even sure ho…