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  • and we've accomplished much in that time! like, we almost sort of have space combat ready for alpha!
  • NJCorp Ultimate Ability: Autocannon Limit Break Each of those bullets did enough damage to instantly explode a titan. THIS ENTIRE MISADVENTURE WAS A COMPLETE FUCKIN ACCIDENT
  • Jacob2761: /advert IMMA BOUT TO BLOW THIS FUKIN PLACE UP PREPARE FOR BAD DAY (JIHAD) Better or worse than space nazis? I'll leave that for you to decide.
  • My phone is now apparently pushing updates to this thread to my news feed. Also, I give it a week until one cadet accidentally facerolls their keyboard and triggers all their erotic roleplay binds.
  • Amaroq wrote: What this means is that you can, essentially, lock people out of your ship or in them everyone come into the spectral directorate resource station, we got methane, we got methanol, we got carbon monoxide, all the resources you …
    in Uclip! Comment by Lambda217 January 2016
  • woothie wrote: Who needs college savings when you have internet spaceships, right? what idiot would be idiot enough to buy non-working internet spaceships oh no where did that image come from i can't stop them they're all pouring …
  • kraken mvp
  • 18:23 - Mouldy_Taco: teal'c needs to clean the pom poms after every mission because his pouch juice gets on them
  • LΛmbdΛ: teal'k pronounces "horus guard" like "horse guard" Mouldy_Taco is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join. Mouldy_Taco: what do brits call them? biggity boppity eagle on toppity?
  • 06:57 - Mouldy_Taco: You know when i talked to you about global agenda awhile ago 06:58 - Lλmbdλ: and then i forgot to play the shit out of it 06:58 - Mouldy_Taco: Well, a spiritual successor is in the works. Also I've been streaming sine prett…
  • steeb wants the extension to be finished first very job
  • also using this thread for brainstorming Five Minutes On Diaspora, the new gamemode to replace Spacebuild You play the role of a Cadet locked in his cruiser bridge, trying to stop the admins from finding out you're using a holodrive. You have lim…
  • Just to elaborate on that end point thing, it means you can make energy beam particles and stuff properly go from a vector to a vector, so yes, muchly pleases.
  • NinjrKillr wrote: I estimate ∞ seconds. how about we release Space Combat 2: Kid's Edition for public use, a version of SC2 that includes only a Fighter Autocannon and a Ship Core for users to enjoy
  • NinjrKillr wrote: Yeah but knowin' what bitches be firin' at us is way more useful! firstly they're always gonna be purple because max damage and secondly what do you mean about knowing what people fire at you, you're super dead, you haven't b…
  • just sayin' it'd be way more hype if we could just pick our own laser colors
  • is this game some kind of performance art piece
    in Wildstar Comment by Lambda217 June 2014
  • game is out, mother-hubbards i'm only at the character creation and i already can't deal
    in Wildstar Comment by Lambda217 June 2014
  • Łτ•βЃĄЙĐΘИ-: The giant slab of breathing meat makes nice sounds too.
  • i love how the first picture has barney yelling "I AM CONTROLLING THE DRONE." we need more ban threads with evidence like that
  • space bullshit is going down in the magical world of EVE online also ship customization
    in EvE Online Comment by Lambda217 May 2014
  • General Kinetic Weapon Mods: Acidic Rounds - So-called 'acid' rounds actually contain payloads of self-replicating nanomachines. As the usual explosive in the ammo's warheads is replaced by containment units, the initial impact does 75% less damag…
  • Artillery-Type Weapon Mods: Sabot-Kappa Rounds - When a round from this weapon hits a target ship, it does a trace in front of the projectile. The longer the distance from the impact point to where it exits the target ship (i.e how far the shell pe…
  • LtBrandon wrote: Lambda217 wrote: wall of text Or I could just make holograms use the correct rendermode to begin with. ULTIMATE B.A WARRIOR LT. BRANDON SEES SIX LINES OF TEXT, SHITS SPACEPANTS
  • Err: Lol eg håpa at dokker førstår nodr-norsk dialekt. kostv93: Da. kostv93: Twa podsilva qdroto mi. tHirStyForKiLLz: Zakvo mi lagi. njits23: Ja, laten we allemaal onze eigen taal gaan praten. kostv93: Shoto ima mn korabi. njits23: Dat is e…
  • 11:42 - Rigel: taco my ass just made this exact sound of a sonar ping 11:42 - Mouldy_Taco: you should get that checked out 11:42 - Rigel: i probably should 11:43 - Mouldy_Taco: there might be a long tube full of seamen stuck in there
  • is it only the fighter beam weapon? because we've been having big problem with fighter energy weapons
  • Beam-Type Weapon Mods: MultiSpectrum Lens - Beam becomes moderately inaccurate (cone of fire), deals +25% more damage, but uses more cap. Missile Weapon Mods: Quad-Injection Fuel Tanks - When a homing missile is fired, it now has +45% speed and…