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Wiremod Output of Resources in Storage

BruceBruce Registered Posts: 1
Hey there,

I've been playing around for a bit now on the spacebuild server, and I've come across the issue of not being able to automate resource related stuff (Like turning off a water pump when water is full) because there is no wiremod output of stored Liquid/Gas, only energy (via ship core)

Are there any plans to add this functionality in the future?


  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Registered, Administrator Posts: 849
    Apologies for the delayed reply, I'm not all that active here anymore. The Expression2 functions listed below should do quite nicely if you wish to dig into programmed automation:

    - Entity:lsResourceList(): Returns an array list of what resources the Entity's network can store.
    - Entity:lsAmount("Resource String"): Returns the stored amount of a given resource.
    - Entity:lsCapacity("Resource String"): Returns the maximum capacity of a given resource.

    For all instances of Entity, passing any LS device (core included) should work, as the functions should all report based on the entire network.

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