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Change Log for August 17th - August 23rd

SteeveeoSteeveeo Registered, Administrator Posts: 849
edited August 2014 in Change Logs #1
  • [FIX] - NPCs now properly take damage from attackers, physics objects, and ship weapons. Changed the damage prevention hook to look for the SC_Immune flag like all other objects.


  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Registered, Administrator Posts: 849
    • [UPDATE] - Particle Emitter v1.1 E2 uploaded to the server. After a long period of procrastination, I've finally done some stuff to this library:
      • [FIX][FEATURE] - Added a Material Blacklist to the clientside emitter lua. This fixes (or rather provides a way to fix) the fact that some materials were crashing clients when drawing them. There may still be materials that crash, though, so please report them here.
      • [FIX] - Fixed emitterSetCanBounce(). Particles now properly clip or bounce when intersecting a wall.
      • [TWEAK] - Particle RollSpeed now takes framerate into account for more accurate rendering across different computers.
      • [FIX] - Fixed the weird zero RollSpeed bug that was causing particles to get culled. Turns out it was a divide-by-zero error that GarryLua™ decided not to report as an error.
      • [FEATURE] - Parented emitters now properly angle when the parent moves. Still no "True" parenting like what's on the planned features list, but this will do well enough for awhile.

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