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Five Nights at Freddy's

Lambda217Lambda217 Posts: 534Registered, Moderator
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Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where food and entertainment is just pouring from the walls! Here at Freddy's


Okay, at Freddy's whatever's pizza, children are entertained in the daytime by the friendly robot figures of Freddy, Foxy, and



Look, so, at night, the robots kind of get stuck in Free Roam mode. You're a security guard, and you got to sit in your security room monitoring all of them, because the dark makes them lose their shit. These fuckers start moving, you'd better seal the doors, because if they find you, they're gonna think you're a robot skeleton outside of its costume and try and stuff you into one until your skull is in pieces.

Here's the link. I'm not going to give you tips because I haven't played this fucking game and I don't intend to. This is literally one of my worst nightmares. I'm not kidding, I was in basically this exact game in a dream I had a month ago and now it just pops into being. You chodes play it. Have a great time, because I'm just going to sit here and try and burn this game from my memory.
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"I want you to show this world what it means to fear the sky."


  • Puff MachinePuff Machine Posts: 23Registered
    ToPlay:shiftString("Five Nights at Freddy's")
    My avatar is weird.
  • ErrErr Posts: 11Registered
    Nope. No. Nix. Im not playing this

  • Lambda217Lambda217 Posts: 534Registered, Moderator
    also using this thread for brainstorming Five Minutes On Diaspora, the new gamemode to replace Spacebuild

    You play the role of a Cadet locked in his cruiser bridge, trying to stop the admins from finding out you're using a holodrive. You have limited ops for your control e2s, and they're so unoptimized the op percent goes up permanently when you use them, so you have only a few times to use them before your e2s die. Hold out for as long as you can until the server crashes by some other dude or the admins get you, by monitoring the admins with your RT cameras and locking them out with doors.

    Head Developer Brandon runs around outside the ship, trying to get in. Use the airlock doors to keep him out and use the chat to distract him by yelling in Russian.

    Second Banana Developer Steeb is already in the ship, and is running around looking for you, using lua_run to break the RT cameras you monitor him with. Trigger hentai on your internal screens to distract him.

    Lambda will torment you by holding spooky skulls up to your cameras, and will send a Spookie to phase through your door if you don't keep him away from it.

    Mouldy_Taco will sabotage your defense e2s by spamming Use on your buttons, and also blind your cameras with his own handheld camera's flash.

    Puff Machine acts differently from the other admins. Instead of moving slowly past your cameras, he lives in the cargo room of your ship and will sometimes suddenly rush your bridge shrieking over voice chat, then drown you in Hitlers if you don't shut the bridge door fast enough.

    Server Host Clakattack only appears when your e2 defense systems hit the op limit and die. He appears outside the door and laughs loudly for 60 seconds before coming in, and if the server hasn't crashed by then he comes in and evicts you.

    Err only appears if the game detects Cheatengine hacks, and will immediately break your door down and shoot you with a Big Bertha.

    "I want you to show this world what it means to fear the sky."
  • njits23njits23 Posts: 8Registered
    And I will sometimes randomly float through the floor, stare the cadet in the face, and then tell bob to say his e2's suck, and tp me away? :lol:
    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!

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