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Locint's legacy thread

SweetOneSweetOne Posts: 39Registered
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Since i'm not playing much on Diaspora anymore I planned to post legacy thread of my own.

-I managed to destroy a titan with my battleship.
-My drones have their own individual place on the orbit. I can respawn a new by pressin a button. Drones fire pulse beams.
-My A.I Rose controls whole gatesystem. One world can have only one stargate or they have issues.
-Destiny also has a stargate where people can dial.
-I made planet which size is about same as normal planet. It has its own resource bot teleporting in.
-Rose can also talk in chat and teleport people etc.
-Starmap show planets, players and ship cores using their actual size / multiplier.
-I can fly E2 puddlejumper through a stargate.
1200 x 675 - 167K
1200 x 675 - 232K
1200 x 675 - 230K
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