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Wish Upon A BlackStar - [I'VE GOT A GIFT FOR YOU]

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edited March 2014 in Music #1
"lambda, why make an entire thread for one album? also why is your penis so huge?" you may be asking

to answer the second question, genetics, regular stretching exercises and bovine hormones

to answer the first question, because, firstly, celldweller can't really be defined under one genre, it's kinda an electric rock dance metal thing, in this very album he suddenly goes into a weird dubstep thing that's actually drumstep/drum and bass at some points

secondly, this album has been a WIP since 2004, the first songs got released in 2009, then finally the full album in 2012, done entirely solo by amusingly-haired one-man-band author Klayton, who played and mixed every instrument by himself due to his oversized testicles

in Wish Upon A BlackStar, Celldweller envisions an epic sci-fi universe enslaved by corporations and haunted by the mysterious Black Stars, alien beings who grant wishes - at a price

by his own admission he totally failed at it cause after the kick-ass intro and before the kick-ass ending it kinda degenerates into dumb break-up songs with lyrics such as "SORRY FOR CHOKING BUT I GOT A WISHBONE STUCK IN MY THROAT" and "I TRIED TO PUSH STRAIGHT THROUGH THE SUCK HEAD FIRST BUT NOW MY F'ING HEAD IS STUCK"

it's still pretty good though, feel free to use the youtube description to skip through parts and stuff

incidentally after the BlackStar story totally failed he wrote a book about it, but i kinda immediately left the store page when i read about how Celldweller wrote himself in as a super space hacker who writes "//_^)" every time he hacks some stuff (told you about the hair)

"I want you to show this world what it means to fear the sky."

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